Investment Areas

Investment Focus Areas at Abamix Capital

Investment Focus Areas

At Abamix Capital, our passion is to invest in companies that strive to revolutionize industries.

By extending our investment focus areas, Abamix Capital is committed to fostering innovation across a broad spectrum of industries, each with the potential to significantly impact our world for the better.

Tech Startups

Looking out for the next digital revolution. From groundbreaking software solutions to innovative hardware breakthroughs, we empower tech startups that are crafting the future of how we live, work, and connect.


Revolutionizing the fields of tomorrow. We invest in AgriTech innovations that promise to increase sustainability, enhance food security, and streamline agricultural practices through technology.


Powering a sustainable future. We’re passionate about supporting EnergyTech companies that are leading the charge in renewable energy, energy storage, and smart grid technologies to combat climate change.

Mining Industry

Innovating for efficiency and sustainability. We back companies in the mining sector that are deploying advanced technologies to minimize environmental impact while maximizing resource extraction and safety.


Redefining financial services. Our investments go towards FinTech startups that are disrupting traditional banking, payments, and financial management with secure, user-friendly, and innovative solutions.


Building the cities of tomorrow. Our interest extends to PropTech ventures that are innovating in real estate development, management, and transactions, making housing and commercial spaces more efficient and sustainable.


Driving the future of transport. We invest in MobilityTech solutions that are reimagining how we move, from electric vehicles and autonomous driving to urban air mobility and efficient public transport systems.


Pioneering better health for all. Our focus is on HealthTech ventures that are transforming patient care, medical diagnostics, and healthcare accessibility with cutting-edge technologies.


Shaping the future of learning. We support EduTech companies that are making education more accessible, engaging, and effective through digital platforms and interactive learning tools.

Success Stories


A startup specializing in biodegradable packaging solutions that we helped scale from a local operation to a leading supplier, demonstrating the potential for sustainable business practices to drive profitable growth.


A digital health platform that revolutionized patient care through AI-driven diagnostics. Our strategic guidance facilitated its expansion into new markets, showcasing the impact of technology in healthcare.


A startup offering blockchain-based security solutions for SMEs. With our funding and business model optimization support, the company has become a key player in securing digital transactions globally.